When I became a mother I quickly realised that the little things I took for granted were now monumental tasks. Just going for a coffee not only required a lot of organisation and planning on my part, it also required an accessible and welcoming environment wherever I was going. Being a new mother has many challenges but one I hadn't thought about before was my inability to handle a pram with any amount of control. My fear of crashing into people and furniture meant I always ended up going to noisy food courts that sold unappetising food and overpriced, watered-down coffee. 


So I've started this blog to expand my horizons. I want to be brave and try new restaurants, places where both me and the Baba (and Husband too!) can be comfortable and find something good to eat, because being a parent doesn't have to be mean a life of chicken nuggets and noisy crowds. It also doesn't have to mean that Husband and I can't go out for a tasty lunch now and again, with the beautiful Baba in tow, of course! And it definitely doesn't mean that we are doomed to eat in for the next 18 years because, let's face it, that would be a very harsh sentence.


I'll also be trying out some family-friendly recipes, and I'd love to hear from you if you've got any suggestions! Just pop me a mail using the contact box on the right, or catch me on Facebook or Instagram!

Honey G. Hamm

Newborn blogger, hungry foodie and working mother.  

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